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Clean fresh Organic from Inert material

The total waste volume contains a high percentage of organic material. Within the organic...

Recycling / January 25, 2016

Remove gypsum from C&D waste

Sorting CD waste into recyclable fractions. With modern processing and sorting technology, the...

Recycling / January 25, 2016

Separate plastic fractions

Separating different polymers, e.g. PP/PS/PE, ABS by using the TOMRA's AUTOSORT. This plastic...

Recycling / January 06, 2016

Recover stainless steel

Recovery of stainless steel from eddy current drop from end of live vehicles (ELV) by using the...

Recycling / January 06, 2016

Clean copper/brass (colored) from grey metals

The TOMRA comisense produces copper, brass and grey metals of very high purity (up to 99%) in a...

Recycling / January 06, 2016

Opening Test Center

Opening of world's largest testing center for sensor based sorting. All recycling activities in...

Recycling / January 06, 2016

Wire recovery

Recovery of insulated copper wire from mixed non-ferrous fractions out of ELV scrap. The TOMRA...

Recycling / January 06, 2016

C&I Devon Contract Waste

Construction and Industrial (CI) waste contains recyclable fractions such as plastics, paper and...

Recycling / January 06, 2016